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Our club has grown year on year, since the inception of the 'Coogee White Tigers Football Player Development Program'. This program focused on players aged 3 to 12 years of age. Members will know that we invested our time, energy and resources into our youngest players and we plan to continue this investment with even greater commitment in 2017 and beyond.
We have formed a football club that has a clear mission to continually develop great football players. Our overall vision is to become the leading youth development club in Australia.
We have had a successful 2016 Winter & Summer Program - boys and girls, all ages train during the week under the guidance of a UEFA B approved Coach & their own team coach and played all games in eastern suburbs of Sydney.
Additionally for the 2017 season, the club will become further involved in many other aspects of football development. Our coaches will be skilled-up to specialise in the discovery phase of football development (5 to 12 years). These players will be given a non-stop campaign of choice in football development that will include free pro coaching sessions for every player in 2017 season. The club believes to develop players they need to train at least twice a week so the club this year offers one  professional session & your team training session each week. The games on the weekend are an opportunity to execute your weekday training. The club will also offer holiday camps, end of season trips, specialised technical skill training sessions, gala days and special tournament events.
Our coaches in 2017 will be trained & updated weekly on the latest training techniques in accordance to the FFA guidelines. This way of training at Coogee White Tigers offers our players & coaches real modern football development techniques. We demonstrated this over summer & will keep improving on this coming winter.
If you are a keen footballer wanting to further develop the skills, then Coogee White Tigers is the right club for you! Our club is a family club and a club that will be delivering on its football development responsibilities to its players.
Our fees in 2017 incorporate the professional training program, player insurance, player kit which includes playing strip, shorts and socks, equipment, administration, player management and grounds fees. We are focused on making sure we offer “best value” football development membership in the Eastern Suburbs. We offer tremdous value as outlined in our FAQs.
Players will have a professional session with their team under the guidance of our technical director; train a second session with their coach who will be supported by our technical director and play games on Saturday. This is a technical sport the more you train the better you get. Most Football academies in Europe no matter your age encourage a minimum of 3 sessions a week to improve your skills.
At our club we have the belief that a player as young as 5 years can learn to play the world game correctly from the start of their playing days. We treat our obligations to our U5 to U12 age group very seriously.
Though the Club is very active, the best part of the Club is you – the members. We have been blessed with a super group of people whom are all engaged and ready to contribute.
Together we have reshaped the club over the years in readiness of the future.
We pride ourselves on the absence of formality and by-laws and appreciate that we simply want to enjoy each other’s company and the common interest watching our sons & daughters become the best sport persons they can be!
Communincation is sent regularly via our website / or mobile app / or via your coach - to keep Club members informed of events and opportunities for players. We understand the importance of communication and have invested in these communication portals.
We hope you will consider membership and registration online is an easy process for both new & returning members. Any questions, please email or you can click the link and register online now! 
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We will also be offering an opportunity for registration in person. Feel free to invite friends to join your son or daughter to the Coogee White Tigers FC & lookout for our registration dates & location to be advised via this website.
Yours in Footy!