Our commitment is to offer true football development for all our players, our coaches & ongoing education about our sport for our player’s parents.

To be successful at anything especially sport you need to practice. Not just any practice will do, rather we offer professional training on the right things at the right time of players development to help maximize your time.

The club believes to develop players they need to train at least twice a week, so the club offers one professional session & your team training session each week. The games on the weekend are an opportunity to execute your weekday training. Our club also offers holiday camps, international end of season trips, specialised technical skill training sessions, gala days and special tournament events.

Why we are different to others clubs? Our Pro Coaches are trained & updated weekly on the latest training techniques. This way, training at Coogee White Tigers you know our coaches are being taught how to train our children with modern football development techniques.

If you are a keen footballer wanting to further develop the skills, then Coogee White Tigers is the right club for you! Our club is a family club and a club that will be delivering on its football development responsibilities to its players.

Our fees incorporate the Pro Coaching training program, player insurance, player kit, equipment, administration, player management and grounds fees. We are focused on making sure we offer “best value” football development membership in the Eastern Suburbs. 

At our club we have the belief that a player as young as 2.5 years old, can learn to play the world game. We treat our obligations to our U5 to U16 age group very seriously.

Welcome to Coogee White Tigers FC!